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Tempe High School

Tempe Public School has built close links with Tempe High School which have enabled us to offer our students an ever wider range of educational opportunities and challenges such as:

  • Acceleration Program
    Individual students who demonstrate that they are capable of working beyond the primary school curriculum year level, can participate in the courses of study offered at the high school. Students from our school have studied Mathematics, English and Languages at high school level. A student is required to undergo academic testing and counselling support before participating in an acceleration program.
  • Language Programs
    Language programs at both schools have been structured to enable students to continue their studies in high school and in some cases right through to H.S.C. level. Language teachers at both schools have worked together to plan and implement programs as well as cultural activities.
  • Peer Tutoring
    Involves older students from the high school coming to our school to work with younger students. This program has many benefits for students of both schools and has been used in areas such as Mathematics, Language, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Sport and Reading. A very popular course for our students is the sports coaching lessons.
    These sports lessons are supervised by both the Year 10 or 11 sports teacher and Primary class teacher, however the lessons are planned and taught by the year 10 or 11 sports class.
  • Primary to High School Links To facilitate the smooth transition from primary to high school, students in Years 5 & 6 participate in orientation activities. In the past few years, Yr 5 and 6 students participated in Art and Science classes at the high school under the supervision of their 5/6 teacher and the specialist high school teacher.

Currently senior students from Tempe HS utilise the classrooms upstairs in the older part of our building throughout the week for various lessons.

Opportunity Classes

Some primary schools across NSW offer places in ‘opportunity classes' for gifted and talented students in Years 5 and 6. To be considered for placement students must sit the Opportunity Class Placement Test. For information about applying and the placement process go to


Selective High Schools

Selective high schools cater for the specific needs of high achieving gifted students who may otherwise be without sufficient classmates at their own academic and social level. Selective schools help gifted and talent students to learn by grouping them with other gifted and talented students, teaching them in specialised ways and providing educational materials at the appropriate level. Parents apply when the student is in Year 5. The students sit the test in March of Year 6.

To be considered for placement students must sit the Selective High School Placement Test. For information about applying and the placement process go to

Some selective high schools have vacancies in Years 8 to 12. Applications open in late June for placement the following year. For information about applying and the placement process go to https://education.nsw.gov.au/public-schools/selective-high-schools-and-opportunity-classes/years-8-to-12.