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Tempe Public Schoolhas an outstanding technology program that is integrated across all key-learning areas. It is enhanced by the school's ability to provide students with access to a wide range of computer-based technologies.

The technology program is designed to provide students with the capabilities to be able to:

  • Use computer-based technology to locate, access, evaluate, manipulate, create, store andretrieve information
  • Express ideas and communicate with others using computer based technologies
  • Develop an awareness of the range of applications of computer-based technologies in society
  • Discriminate in the choice and use of computer based technologies for any given purpose
  • Develop confidence to explore, adapt and shape  technological understanding and skills inresponse to new challenges now and in the future.
  • Display work on the school website
  • Video conference and learn via the interactive whiteboard

Some of the technology available to students K-6 includes:

  • A school wide network with Windows
  • Digital Cameras – still and video
  • Scanners
  • Internet access in each classroom
  • Laser & colour printers
  • Networked software to support the  K.L.A.s
  • Data projectors
  • Video and audio visual equipment
  • Interactive white board and video conferencing equipment
  • OASIS for Administration & Library

Tempe Public Schoolprovides its staff and students with specific guidelines, in the form of an Internet and Computer Users' Agreement to ensure appropriate use of technology.

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