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Wellbeing and Behaviour Policy

In accordance with the NSW Department of Education’s policies and procedures on Student Wellbeing, and in partnership with the school community, I am pleased to release the revised, 2018 Tempe Public School Student Wellbeing and Behaviour Policy.

This very comprehensive policy not only defines student wellbeing and the importance of the various components of a wellbeing policy, but also clearly sets out how our school will support the overall development of all students within the broader context of the school community.

This policy is carefully linked to the Tempe Public School Anti-Bullying Policy which outlines specific strategies for identifying, reporting and dealing with bullying behaviours for students, parents and staff. As Tempe Public School is a Positive Behaviour for Learning, both of these policies contain a strong focus on building and encouraging respectful relationships.

The Tempe Public School Wellbeing and Behaviour Policy plays an integral role in the school’s overall approach to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all students in an environment where effective learning can occur.

Download the full Wellbeing and Behaviour Policy here. [PDF, 2,8MB]